A new section for actress Jordana Brewster has been added to the gallery with 194 HQ/MQ magazines & photoshoots. Jordana can be currently seen as Maureen Cahill in the TV show ‘Lethal Weapon’ but is best known as Mia Toretto in the Fast & Furious movies.


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Female G-K > Jordana Brewster > Magazines
Female G-K > Jordana Brewster > Photoshoots
: Gallery Update, Jordana Brewster

New section has been added to the gallery for actress Malin Akerman. Malin can currently been seen in Showtime Entertainment’s Drama ‘Billions’ as Lara Axelrod.  Her movie credits include Watchmen as Laurie Jupiter / Silk Spectre II, Rock of Ages, 27 Dresses & The Final Girls. There are 216 HQ/MQ photos of Malin in the gallery from magazines & photoshoots.


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Female L-O > Malin Akerman > Magazines
Female L-O > Malin Akerman > Photoshoots
: Gallery Update, Malin Akerman

I have added a new celebrity to the gallery – Italian actress Matilda Lutz. Matilda will be starring in the 2017 movie ‘Rings’ which is being released on the 3rd February. Rings is the Prequel to the 2012 movie ‘The Ring’ which stars Naomi Watts. 89 HQ photo’s including advertising campaigns, magazines & photoshoots have been added to the gallery of Matilda.


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Matilda Lutz: Advertising Campaigns
Matilda Lutz: Magazines
Matilda Lutz: Photoshoots
: Gallery Update, Matilda Lutz

As you can see there is a new layout for the site. This features Australian actress Margot Robbie. Also I am creating a new site for actress Maika Monroe so all her photo’s have been moved there. The site will be opening February but the gallery is ready now so you can check that out on the link below. Keep checking back here though as new content will be added over the next few days.

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New Gallery: Maika Monroe
: Maika Monroe, Site News

Now that the gallery has been re-organized I have added a link to the menu with an index which lists all the celebrities, movies & television shows you can find in the gallery. You can go from there directly to the appropriate category in the gallery – I have tested all the links & they all go the right place. You can find this page under Celebrity Index

: Gallery Update, Site News