As you can see I have changed the layout which features Jenna-Dewan Tatum for the main site, gallery & Tumblr. I have also changed a few of the featured celebrity links. They now include:

A new gallery has been added for Model Haily Baldwin. Also new pictures have been added to Scott Eastwood, Delta Goodrem, Ellie Goulding & Gigi Hadid – Click the names to go to the last additions for each.

 26102 26103 26104 26105 26106
Gallery Link: Hailey Baldwin Magazines & Advertising Campaigns
Gallery Link: Hailey Baldwin Photoshoots


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The gallery has been updated with 1,807 photo’s of Cara Delevingne from  Magazines, Advertising Campaigns & Photoshoots as well as 775 photo’s of Bella Hadid from  Magazines, Advertising Campaigns & Photoshoots. Finally I have managed to upload & add the rest of the pictures from the old server to the current one so everything is up to date to where it was.

22101 22102 22103 22104  22105
Gallery Link: Cara Delevingne Magazines & Advertising Campaigns
Gallery Link: Cara Delevingne Photoshoots
Gallery Link: Bella Hadid Magazines & Advertising Campaigns
Gallery Link: Bella Hadid Photoshoots


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I have added a new Male celebrity to the gallery……Jamie Dornan. I have added HQ scans of Jamie from the digital version of L’Uomo Vogue for October 2016.

 thumb_004 thumb_005 thumb_011 thumb_009 thumb_012
Gallery: L’Uomo Vogue October 2016


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The Television section of the gallery was looking a bit lonely so I have updated the gallery with magazines featuring my favorite Television show ‘Sons Of Anarchy’. I will be putting cast photo’s from magazines in that section as well with the exception of Charlie Hunnam who has his own category. I have also re-uploaded the photo’s of Charlie Hunnam from the old server as well as a few new photo’s of him.

11101 11102 11103 11104 11105 
Gallery Link: Sons Of Anarchy
Gallery Link: Charlie Hunnam Magazines & Advertising
Gallery Link: Charlie Hunnam Photoshoots

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I have added a new Gallery for Lucy Hale to the site & have added Schon & Venice magazines to her gallery. I have also updated the Dazed 25th Anniversary Issue Photoshoot for Gigi Hadid & added scans from the Wall Street Journal October 2016 & Photoshoots from Gigi’s new Reebok Campaign.

9101 9102 9103 9104 9105 
Gallery Link: Lucy Hale – Schon Issue 30 2016
Gallery Link: Lucy Hale – Venice Fall 2016
Gallery Link: Gigi Hadid – Wall Street Journal October 2016
Gallery Link: Gigi Hadid – Reebok
Gallery Link: Gigi Hadid – Dazed 25th Anniversary Issue

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